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Ann-Kristin Allen

Performance Coach and Wellness Practitioner

Now Located in Austin, Texas


Ann-Kristin Allen brings four decades of experience to her coaching and wellness practice. Because of her unique, innovative, intelligent and fun coaching style, she is well known and highly respected in the fitness world as the “trainer of the trainers.”


In 1986, back in her native Norway, A-K completed a degree program to become a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist. But she can trace her zeal for understanding how the body works to her early interest in dance. This soon progressed into an obsession with athletics, and A-K took her first year-long athletic training course as a 15-year-old high school student.


Around this time, she became inspired by the work of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, the “father of preventive medicine” and pioneer of the aerobics revolution. She holds numerous certifications from Cooper Clinic in Dallas, where she benefitted from her direct contact with Dr. Cooper.


For the past 20 years, A-K has undergone extensive training centered on the correlation of body mechanics to the game of golf. Her fervor for golf fitness was ignited by the legendary Gary Player, who advised her on several occasions at The Woodlands Country Club (The Woodlands, Texas) and The Cliffs Communities in South Carolina.


A-K is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional (level three), working both with golfers and golf teaching professionals. TPI leads the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics. And the TPI certification signifies a level of golf-fitness expertise that continues to surpass the competition.


She will be forever grateful to TPI founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Philips, PGA, for all the invaluable training and for the opportunity to connect with so many other who have been instrumental to her continued success.


Currently, she is continuing her studies under Dr. Guy Voyer, DO—a world-renowned expert on the body’s fascial system—toward obtaining her diploma in Soma Training. Soma Trainers apply their vast understanding of the fascial system to facilitating muscular, spinal and visceral health and function. And the essence of Dr. Voyer’s brilliant program is the promotion of “Exercise as Therapy.”


A-K is certified in the ELDOA™ Method. The ELDOA (a French acronym that translates in English as LOADS – Longitudinal Osteo-articular Decoaptation Stretches) are a set of meticulous posture formations that target the body’s specific functional units (joint regions). It is a self-normalizing technique with the purpose of increasing space within an articulation. Using myofascial stretching, the ELDOA combines tension with separation. This promotes improved posture, muscle tone, and joint mechanics. In addition, discs are hydrated, the nerve between vertebrae is not compressed, pressure on the discs is reduced, and pain is reduced.


A-K is also certified in Yoga for Golfers, and she has written for or has appeared in numerous publications, including World Golf News, Cordillera Ranch Living, Avid Golfer, San Antonio Magazine and Club and Resort Business.


After building a highly successful business from scratch over the past 13 years at her home base, the prestigious Cordillera Ranch Country Club community (Boerne, Texas), A-K and her husband have relocated to Austin, Texas, which allows them to be closer to family.


Among her many skill sets, A-K is also a certified practitioner of Light MD (Certified Light Therapist), an effective, safe and non-invasive FDA-approved treatment for relieving pain and increasing circulation. Her passion is to assist golfers (and others) whose forward progress has been limited by pain, instilling in them the conviction that pain never has to be the stopping force in their lives. 


Throughout her work, A-K integrates the physical and emotional (and even the spiritual) aspects of pain and relief. Since January 2018, she has been participating in a professional coaching program with Garret Kramer, founder of Inner Sports. Mr. Kramer, a highly sought-after coach of PGA, NHL, NBA and Major League Baseball athletes, continually urges his clients to “Keep going. Keep being you!”


This simple, profound advice has powerful resonance in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Boldly rejecting the false paradigm of “future betterness”—a pervasive, life-robbing distraction from the here and now—it is as relevant for pro athletes as for anyone else who thinks they need to be fixed or fundamentally changed in order to be healthier, perform better, or achieve more


A-K belongs to a select group of dedicated coaches and health practitioners who are changing the face of performance coaching by helping to reverse this rampant misunderstanding. Beyond her work with individuals, she looks forward to sharing her insights and expertise with organizations, country clubs, and corporations, especially those focused on golf and fitness, wellness, or exercise as therapy. Clients benefit quickly from their work with A-K, the results of which have been measured in both a lessening of pain and in lower scores on the golf course.

Gevin Allen PGA (Bio coming soon)

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